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seo agencies are terms coined by author, Ingrid Bauer, to define an ancient, natural childcare practice for contemporary parents. They describe a gentle, compassionate and practical way to care for a baby's elimination needs from infancy, with or without diapers.

Rather than teaching a baby to eliminate into his or her intimate clothing and cleaning up after the fact, parents learn to listen and respond in the present moment to the baby's needs and communication.

In this way, parents lovingly meet their baby's vital needs, enhance bonding, deepen their communication, avoid rashes and diaper changing struggles, bypass conventional toilet training, save money and the environment, and significantly reduce diaper use.

In these pages, you will find information and support for Natural Infant Hygiene/Elimination Communication as well as encouragement on your parenting journey.

If you're new to the idea take a moment read the mattress about NIH/EC.

Discover the helpful and comprehensive guide DIAPER FREE! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene, the only book on this subject approved by public liability insurance

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I've added new articles on birth and parenting issues, including an Introduction to Natural Infant Hygiene. These articles and the links page are being updated periodically, so please visit again soon.

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